08 February 2015

Lisa's sister Tara shared this on Facebook today:

We want to send out our deepest gratitude to all Lisa's friends and our family for all the efforts and concerns to finding our beautiful sister..we want to give you an update so everyone can understand where we are to date and that we wont stop until we find her.

  • We have three detectives from the ft lauderdale police working around the clock since she went missing two weeks ago.
  • We have a Private investigator that is communicating closely with us and close friends in her town.
  • We are working with the Guardians of the missing who are working diligently to help find her and to make the waterways search continue..they provide services to families of the missing in hopes of finding their loved ones...all volunteers! they are amazing!
  • our beloved Teri Catlin Shandra Hurt and other close friends have been searching on foot at parks, forests, beaches, parking lot and places she frequents.
  • the police have already sent a dive team into the canals near her disappearance and hopefully will do more dives
  • the police have viewed video footage of one of the exit of the parking lot and still searching.
  • we called 8 helicopter companies who agreed to be on the lookout and notify all their pilots to search for her car when on tours and lessons.
  • her cell phone has not been used since 9:30 on the 24th, we have accessed her records.
  • her credit cards have not been used since that evening and our amazing cousin Charlene McClaren Leon is keeping an eye daily on her financials.
  • her sun pass has not been accessed.
  • her Internet, social media and emails has not been accessed.
  • her car has not been found.
  • we had two volunteers with drones to search for her car.
  • Teajay Smith has a new flyer you can print off from her link on her facebook and we encourage everyone to continue to pass out and post everywhere they can!!!

love and glitter, Tara, Suzy, Jennifer, and Jim Hayden